Without leveraging technology, you may not be able to make your academic services accessible to every learner. Build the best digital portal for both learners and instructors. Your training courses and academic programs will be easily available to remote students. We have a team of certified developers to help you.


Our professional developers can create custom LMS with an interactive interface. Engage our LMS developers to build a digital learning course. You can easily create, distribute, and track learning materials. LMS gives access to multiple users, and thus, every learner of your academic center can log in to the dashboard for educational purposes. With our LMS platform, you can easily include quizzes, games, tests, and puzzles. Moreover, we can add a notification feature to send alert to students about important tasks. We integrate special modules to let you create visual and audio content.

Nanonet | IT services | Web designing
Nanonet | IT services | Web designing


We can build robust school software with a range of modules and functionalities. We may also integrate automated features into your school management system. It will be easy to automate regular tasks and save time. Centralized database and automated backups ensure no risk of data loss. Our developers ensure role-based access controls, and you can operate your system efficiently. Other major functionalities of our school management software are timetable scheduling, fee collection, and result declaration. Launch your application and find a higher ratio of student enrollment. Our cloud-based school ERP solutions will be flawless and unique.


Developing a technological infrastructure is important for a school. As you have created digital courses for students, it is important to maintain the IT infrastructure. Hire our professionals to install, maintain, and configure your school software and hardware. We will back up your program files and data. There will be no issue with networks, systems, and servers. To avoid network vulnerabilities and virus, you can rely on our IT specialists. With a strong and secure IT system, you can keep your data safe. Let us build the best IT infrastructure for your educational institute.

Nanonet | IT services | Web designing