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Creating an online presence is not simply about developing a website and waiting eagerly for customers. Your website forms the digital foundation of your company. It works like the conversion machine and customer touchpoint. That is why you need a perfect web design to ensure a higher rank in the search result. A flawless web design represents your brand and helps with the growth of your business. As a reliable website designing company in Kerala, we can increase your brand credibility and spread your brand vision by developing a strong positive impression on your potential customers. Our team provides you with creative, unique, and ROI-driven web designs. With our web designs, we open the window to the big opportunities. At Nanonet, every web design maintains consistency, navigation, mobile-friendliness, and clarity. Get time-efficient and cost-effective web design services from our company. Hire our Nanonet web designers and have comprehensive solutions.



  • Single page
  • Hosting (1 Year)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Mobile responsive
  • Business Email
  • Basic SEO
  • Google analytics integration
  • Google search console integraton


  • 4 pages
  • Hosting (1 Year)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Mobile responsive
  • Business Email
  • Basic SEO
  • Google analytics integration
  • Google search console integraton


  • 8 pages
  • Hosting (1 Year)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Mobile responsive
  • Business Email
  • Basic SEO
  • Google analytics integration
  • Google search console integraton


Our rational thinking combined with our innovativeness enables us to create the best web design. We understand that your website is competing for higher engagement and visibility. We go beyond the conventional ways to build your website. Your users are the major focus of our web designers. We give a creative touch to the messaging layout, color, and iconography. Our professional web designers turn your vision into reality. We identify user personas, create the user interface, and design pixel-perfect icons. Our team works diligently throughout the web design process. Hire our team for B2B and B2C web design services.

We go through different steps to create a flawless web design. Our team checks the competitor data and finds threats and opportunities. We also talk to your stakeholders to create the best UI/UX strategy. We develop user personas and define your target audience. With our quantitative and qualitative research, we can do it successfully. We can easily understand the thoughts and feelings of your potential customers. Our designers create low-fidelity sketches and prototypes to get your feedback. Then, we transfer these prototypes into high-fidelity wireframes. We follow the proper guidelines to create the web design.

Our Approach

  • Design for branding – Brand is a package of values. These values are credibility, experience, characteristics and something else. This “something else”, is an emotion. We are designing for this emotion.
  • Build with strategy – We know strategy is a clean direction towards a common goal. So we first understand your common goal and build internet site with your strategy.
  • Creative designs – If you want to say something to your audience, you need their attention first. The Creative design helps to attract the attention of the audience. So we are focusing more on website design to be creative.

  • Responsive layouts – Peoples are using different web devices with different screen sizes. So it is important to dynamically change the internet site layout which is suit for that devices. That’s why we are using responsive layouts with all our designs.
  • Fascinating info-graphics – When it comes to a business, it is important for a client to understand easily what you are describing. With the use of good info-graphics makes it easy to understand what you are describing. We place emphasis on these info-graphics on the internet site.


We offer a complete variety of website designing services.



  • RESEARCH BRAND AND CUSTOMERS – Our intensive brand research and customer research have distinguished us from our competitors. We engage ourselves in a collaborative process to know your industry, brand’s story, and your potential customers. Furthermore, we do a competitor analysis and check our target audiences’ needs
  • SEO FRIENDLY WEB DESIGN – Our website designs enable you to achieve a higher rank on the SERP results. Our designs are easily interpretable by search engines. Hire our web designers at Nanonet and get SEO-friendly solutions.

  • LATEST TECHNOLOGIES – We use innovative technologies and maintain web design standards. Our designers focus on the latest techniques and trends to design the website. Moreover, we can use AR/VR, AI, and other solutions to develop and design your website. Our advanced web designing solutions are available at a low rate.

  • USER-CENTRIC APPROACH – As we research your target users, we can make the right decision on designing your website. User preferences are the major focus of our website design process. You can easily attract several users to your website. Hire our web design service providers and get the best services.

  • QUALITY AND TRANSPARENCY – We are an award-winning web designing company, maintaining transparency in every process. Our team provides quality solutions to our clients. Your connections with your potential customers will be deeper. You can boost up the boom of your business.

FAQs .

How long does it take to design my website?2021-11-05T04:04:55+00:00

The time it takes to design a website will be different for each project. The schedule will vary depending on the number of pages in the website and the nature of the content. It is paramount for us to design the website according to the wishes of the customer. Discuss with us to know the exact schedule of your project. You can contact us at +91 9495 071 394.

Will the website be search engine friendly?2021-11-06T04:46:20+00:00

Yes, every website we build will be search engine friendly. When building a website all the factors required to be search engine friendly will be considered. And ensure their accuracy when the website is complete.

Do you customize existing themes?2021-11-08T01:42:57+00:00

Yes, we also provide customization services for existing themes.

How much does it price to develop a website?2021-11-10T02:08:22+00:00

There are several ways to design a website to suit the needs of each business. Therefore the construction cost of the website will vary according to the construction methods of the website. Technology, features and functionality, number of pages, and content are all important factors in determining the cost of building a website. Discuss with us to know the exact price of your project. You can reach us at +91 9495 071 394.




All hard work is done from our part so as to ensure that no client goes on unattended and no requirement gets done less than perfect.


  • Door No 41 / 228, Rajaputhra Street, Sulthanpet, Palakkad-678001, Kerala.
  • +91 9495 071 394
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